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SuperEncryptor is easy to use. If you know how to use Windows Explorer, you know how to use SuperEncryptor!

SuperEncryptor can encrypt files of any type or length. The encrypted files can be used without SuperEncryptor. By double-clicking the files and inputting correct passwords, you can open, edit or save the files. After closing them, they are still in encrypted state, and there is no need to encrypt them again.

SuperEncryptor applies powerful algorithms to encrypt files/folders: Rijndael with 256 bit key (AES 256, now it is Advanced Encryption Standard), Blowfish, DES, 3DES, and there is no possibility for decryption.

SuperEncryptor allows you to select an authorized disk during encryption. In this way, even if others get your passwords, without the authorized disk they are not able to open your files. Moreover, an authorized disk can free you from memorizing the passwords.

SuperEncryptor supports using a file as password. In this way, the encryption is fortified and you do not have to memorize the password as well.

SuperEncryptor can hide the encrypted file inside another file, such as a picture, MP3 or .exe file, which we refer to as "host file". The host file will not be damaged by the operation and you can still view the picture, play MP3 and run .exe file. No one would imagine that there are encrypted files hidden in them!

SuperEncryptor also can hide a folder in a second, no matter how big they are. For this function, it exceeds other similar software in the following: It supports windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (not support Windows NT). It provides ternary protections with folders thus bringing your data security to a higher level. The hidden folder are invisible even under safe mode or pure DOS!

SuperEncryptor can lock a folder. The locked folder can not be deleted, renamed or copied. No one are allowed to visit any file in it, either.

SuperEncryptor supports disguising a folder as recycle bin, printer, control panel, network neighborhood or common files, etc. That means the icon of the disguised folder will be turn into that of the recycle bin, printer and so on. Moreover, when the folder was open, no real contents were visible.

SuperEncryptor allows you to encrypt files or folders and then pack them to Self Decrypting Executable (or SDX, for short). A SDX is capable of decrypting itself and do not need to have SuperEncryptor installed. Simply double click on the file to run it, and it will decrypt itself after you enter the appropriate encryption key.

SuperEncryptor can safely delete a file which can never be recovered by disk recovery software. This function supports secure deletion of the entire folder tree.

SuperEncryptor is able to deal with a batch of files. Especially you can deal with all files in an entire folder tree with the function of Encrypt, Decrypt, etc.

SuperEncryptor provides the function of Compress File makes an encrypted file take less space.

SuperEncryptor supports online update which ensures your SuperEncryptor is always the newest version.


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