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SuperEncryptor keeps your files in secretKeep your files in secret and save
SuperEncryptor is a encryption tool to keep files in Windows systems in secret and save. Everybody has some private documents, files, and data in his or her PC. How to keep files in secret and save is really big deal for many of us. Think about your financial data. What if the passwords or bank account numbers you saved in a memo file can easily been accessed by others? Do you want to do something about it to keep your personal documents in a save and secret place without big efforts? SuperEncryptor is the best solution. This easy to use software can encrypt and protect your files by passwords you set.

How easy to use? Just as easy as using Windows Explorer. Every one who knows how to use Windows can use SuperEncryptor without any manual or trainning. As you can see in the screenshot, the interface of the program is simple and very fimilar with Windows Explorer. You can click on the screenshot to check it out.

Now you can download it free for trial. To download it, please click here.


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