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What shall I do if capture speed is very slow?
(1) To decrease color quality when 32bit color is used in your desktop.
(2) Generally, ScreenFlash has different speed under different system.Win98 > WinXp > Win2000.
(3) Decreasing capture area.
(4) Use a computer with high capability

What system can ScreenFlash operate under?
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

Shall ScreenFlash be exported to .fla?
No. Because .fla is the defaul file format of FLASH, and its code is unopen.

Is it possible to have two synchronous sound in ScreenFlash?
No. You can insert many sound files in ScreenFlash, but you can only have one synchronous sound.

How to make synchronous sound?
(1) To record sound at the same time while capturing. The program will make your sound synchronous with your atctions automatically.
(2) To add sound after screen capture. After record sound, right click the sound layer, choose properties, and then click "synchronized streaming sound".

When I exported the movie to .swf, there is a code box at the bottom of the page. What does it do for us?
You can insert the code into your html code, than the movie will be inserted into your website without any distortion.

Why "capture time per second" cannot faster than 10?
Most customer's hardware equipment cannot faster than this speed. If the record speed faster than 10 frames per second, it may cause the application unworkable, because the CPU will be occupied by ScreenFlash solely.

HTML generate by ScreenFlash must be saved in the same directory with its related .swf file.

Change play speed function is not available for sound.

How to reduce file size?
(1) Don't drap any windows during recording. Don't scroll any windows. If you have to do this, do it as soon as possible.
(2) You'd better not record an animation or any windows that changes frequently.
(3) Try to record simple images. (For example, if your desktop is a complicated image, in 32 bit. You'd better change to standard Windows desktop)
(4) You'd better use "compress" function before export to .swf file.
(5) If you don't request the image quality, you can choose "low quality" while export to .swf file.
(6) Don't use ScreenFlash to record movies, like AVI.
(7) You'd better not to record full screen actions. Choose window capture or area capture instead.

What's the significance of the color block in the mouse layer?
Red block: Mouse clicking
Green block: Keyboard pressing
Black block: Mouse cursor invisible


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