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What is ScreenFlash?
ScreenFlash is a tool to capture screen movements and sounds from your Windows system and save as a flash movie. It is a very effective tool to build interactive tutorials for demonstrating your products, adding animations to help systems, and training.

ScreenFlash Screenshot - Capture screen movements and sounds from your Windows desktop and save as a flash movie Create full-featured tutorials
The flash tutorials maked by ScreenFlash can be interactive or non-interactive. You can customize the tutorials with balloon captions, images, audio, special effects, and more.

Export to EXE files
Exporting the tutorials as executable files makes it easier to be distributed and run on the users' PCs. The end-users do not install any additional software tools when they use the executable files.

Minimize file size
By effciently leveraging flash technology, ScreenFlash creates tutorials that are small enough to be easily emailed, viewed on a web site, and integrated into a help file.

Viewable via the web
Because ScreenFlash creates tutorials based on flash technology, most web users are able to view it online. And there are many portable devices such as PDA, Smartphone, and Web TV supports it.


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