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KNCTR - free phone calls and video content. KNCTR
Download the best app for free calls and daily video content.
Download Winamp Download Winamp
Download The Legendary MP3 player for Free.
Membership Software Membership Software
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Download MSN Sniffer MSN Sniffer [ GET FULL VERSION! ]
 Version 2   Shareware, $79.00  1.40MB  Install and Uninstall
MSN Sniffer is world's first sniffer to automate MSN chat capturing and impact analysis. After installed on one computer, it captures MSN chat across all computers in the same LAN, analyze and save into database for future analysis.
Download DU Super Controler DU Super Controler
 Version 1.90   Shareware, $21.22  802KB  Install and Uninstall
Limit upload & download for your internet applications. Limit control on application and connection level. Indispensable for P2P users (Kaaza, DC, WinMX, eDonkey) and for people who want to do several tasks on internet at the same time.
IP2Location IP-COUNTRY Database
 Version January 2006   Data Only, $49.00  200KB  Install and Uninstall
IP2Location(tm) IP-COUNTRY is commericial lookup database that translates IP address to country. Developers use this component for projects related to web, and client applications. Demo database is available for immediate download.
Download Network Asset Tracker Network Asset Tracker
 Version 2.11   Shareware, $99.00  865KB  Install and Uninstall
Network Asset Tracker generates a network inventory without installing software on the users' PCs. Get complete information about operating systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software and running processes on remote PCs fast.
Download First Alert Service Monitor First Alert Service Monitor
 Version 9.78.01   Shareware, $29.99  573KB  Install and Uninstall
Always know if your web site or other network services are up or down with First Alert lService Monitor. It will check your site or other services as often as you want it to- alerting, logging, and if you want, it will send you up-down emails.
Download Anyplace Control Anyplace Control
 Version 2.12   Shareware, $29.95  1.33MB  Install and Uninstall
"Anyplace Control" is a remote control program that can display a screen of another computer (via Internet or network) on your screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely, to transfer data between PCs.
Download DEKSI Network Inventory DEKSI Network Inventory
 Version 11.0   Shareware, $299.00  19.39MB  Install and Uninstall
DEKSI Network Inventory provides a complete software and hardware inventory of all your network computers.
Download BWMeter BWMeter
 Version 6.5.0   Shareware, $30.00  761KB  Install and Uninstall
BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor, traffic controller and firewall, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to/from your computer or on your network.
Network Searcher
 Version 3.6.0   Shareware, $39.95  692KB  Install and Uninstall
A new generation of network searching utilities. With Network Searcher you can search IP subnetworks, schedule search start time, apply unique search filters and build reports instantly in 4 different formats. FREE trial version!
Download Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional
 Version 2.3.4   Shareware, $49.25  2.21MB  Install and Uninstall
Net Monitor for Classroom is a program that allows a view of a computer monitor of a remote computer, which is connected to the network. After start the program displays the screens of all remote computers. Teacher can also lock the remote computers.

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