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Download Desktop Lock Desktop Lock
 Version   Freeware  1.09MB  Install and Uninstall
Quickly secure your computer with the built-in functionality of Windows. Useful for protecting your desktop while stepping away, and is different from other utilities because no screen saver is required.
Download System Monitoring Tool System Monitoring Tool
 Version 13.02.01   Shareware, $29.00  10.90MB  Install and Uninstall
Monitoring user activities within an organization has become quite easy with Employee Desktop monitoring tool. It continuously tracks the various user activities on a system network during specific period.
Download Employee Computer Monitoring Employee Computer Monitoring
 Version 11.02.01   Shareware, $29.00  6.11MB  Install and Uninstall
The Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an employee computer monitoring tool that records all the desktop activities of the employees of an organization.
Download Quick Connect Quick Connect
 Version 5.1   Shareware, $19.95  5.46MB  Install and Uninstall
Quick Connect is remote desktop software that runs without installation and administrative privilege and works over a LAN or the Internet. You can view the remote PC screen and control its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right in front it.
Download Monitoring Station Monitoring Station
 Version 1.0   Freeware  1.28MB  Install and Uninstall
Monitoring Station is an invaluable program for those tired of finding out, too late, that their network or websites are down or modified. Monitoring Station runs discreetly on your desktop and checks your networks and websites at any interval.
Download Scanique Scanique
 Version 1.00   Shareware, $24.95  2.25MB  Install and Uninstall
Share a scanner over the network just like you share a printer! With true remote operation and auto sheet feeder support, Scanique improves productivity and makes your life easier. Scan documents into a range of image formats including multi-page PDF
Download ASI to IP Management ASI to IP Management
 Version 3.62   Freeware  1.31MB  Install and Uninstall
ASI to IP Monitoring Software for Thor Broadcast ASI to IP Gateways. For use with Thor's current line of rack mount H-1ASI-IP gateway system. This system can transport DVB-ASI signals through a packet based IP network with low latency.
Download Free Website Monitoring Software tool Free Website Monitoring Software tool
 Version   Freeware  4.37MB  Install and Uninstall
Web server performance observer application effectively evaluates website performance on web in cost effective and reliable manner,, Free website monitoring software is capable to generate and update numerous profiles at a time for website monitoring
Download Video Over Fiber Test Video Over Fiber Test
 Version 2.14   Freeware  332KB  Install and Uninstall
The Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber test system is used to determine if the Thor Broadcast Video Over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver systems are working properly. The test system uses a network protocol to determine if the host is up.
Download Event Log Monitoring Event Log Monitoring
 Version 12.10.01   Freeware  31.60MB  Install and Uninstall
Lepide Event Log Manager provides a centralized and effective management procedure for managing Windows and W3 event logs. It also creates alerts thus performs real time event monitoring.

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