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Download STGS Demo Edition STGS Demo Edition
 Version 1.5   Demo, $125.00  1.19MB  Install and Uninstall
STGS is an ActiveX component webmaster can use to provide real-time transfer between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese at professional quality.
Download WAV To MP3 Activex WAV To MP3 Activex
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $59.00  317KB  Install and Uninstall
WAV to MP3 ActiveX 1.0 is an OCX control for software developers that can convert WAV files to the popular MP3 files, and can convert MP3 to WAV files.
Download GdTwain OCX TWAIN ActiveX GdTwain OCX TWAIN ActiveX
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $75.00  2.60MB  Install and Uninstall
GdTwain OCX is a TWAIN ActiveX control allow developers to acquire easily image from devices such as scanners, cameras and capture card. You can use it with any windows development environment like visual basic, vfp, .NET, Delphi, C++ and many other.
Download RSP Encrypt OCX RSP Encrypt OCX
 Version 3.2.0   Shareware, $50.00  382KB  Install and Uninstall
ActiveX OCX to encrypt files with a very fast implementation of AES and RC4
Upload Control
 Version   Shareware, $99.95  1.60MB  Install and Uninstall
A File Upload/Download Component,Use Standard HTTP Protocal. Support large File upload, Support BreakPoint upload.
Download wodMailbox wodMailbox
 Version 2.2.1   Shareware, $109.00  1.44MB  Install and Uninstall
wodMailbox provide full management over mailboxes and message parsing. Using wodMailbox, you can easily access mailbox, count messages, look at messages, count parts, save attachments, look at headers, delete messages etc..
Download wodPop3 wodPop3
 Version 1.4.1   Shareware, $99.00  3.73MB  Install and Uninstall
ActiveX component that is used to access mailbox on the server using POP3 protocol.Mail found on server can be retrieved locally (complete messages or only headers) and/or can be deleted from server.
Download Cut 1D X Cut 1D X
 Version 3.0   Shareware, $35.00  351KB  Install and Uninstall
Cut 1D X is an Automation Component used for obtaining optimal cutting designs of one dimensional pieces which may have angles at their extremities. Cut 1D X can be used for cutting linear pieces such as bars, pipes, tubes, steel bars, etc.
Download Graphics4VO Examples Program (English) Graphics4VO Examples Program (English)
 Version 4.70   Demo, $130.00  3.65MB  Install and Uninstall
Graphics4VO for CA-Visual Objects contains classes, methods and functions for the integration of graphic items, presentation graphics and DIB images for the display, printer, plotter, file and memory.
Download VaxVoice Extended SDK VaxVoice Extended SDK
 Version 4.0   Shareware, $499.00  1.83MB  No Install Support
Vax Voice activeX is the easiest way to add PC-to-PC multiuser voice chat and text chat in your applications and webpages. Three or more persons can have a real time voice conference and can even record the conversation into wave (.wav) file.

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