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Download Resizable XML Photo Gallery Resizable XML Photo Gallery
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $15.00  488KB  Unknown
This gallery was designed to be used embedded in html or standalone. There can be an unlimited number of pictures. The gallery is resizable after the browser size. The gallery is adding an extra feature that supports thumbs. The images are loaded usi
Download Reallusion WidgetMe Reallusion WidgetMe
 Version 1.0   Freeware  34.47MB  Install and Uninstall
WidgetMe helps you to create and manage your widgets for personal or business purposes such as advertising and navigation assistance.
Download XML driven flash image / picture / photo gallery XML driven flash image / picture / photo gallery
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $15.00  488KB  Unknown
This gallery was designed to be used embedded in html or standalone. There can be an unlimited number of pictures. Features included: - Supports any screen size - The images will adjust based on the screen resolution. - Other cool features
Download Thumbnail List V1 Thumbnail List V1
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $49.99  488KB  Unknown
Thumbnail List is a navigation component that enables you to load a set of images, swfSWF files or symbols from library, fed from an XML file, through which you can scroll with the help of scroll bars, mouse movement or mouse dragging. It's an excell
Download Shaking effect Shaking effect
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $3.00  488KB  Unknown
Drag and drop;easy to use, just put whatever you want in the "content" movie clip: buttons, movie clips, videos, textes... You can put the shaking movie clip any where you want:movie clips, buttons(can be used as rollOver for exemple) Everything is
Download XML Slide Show V3 XML Slide Show V3
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $49.97  488KB  Unknown
The XML Slide Show V3 is a flash component designed to help you load a sequence of slides (images or animations, from Library or external), in a sliding fashionable way. All these without writing any ActionScript, just write the XML file, drag the co
Download 3D Buttons Carousel AS 3.0 3D Buttons Carousel AS 3.0
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $5.00  488KB  Unknown
3D XML driven carousel menu with left/right navigation buttons, perspective, depth, mirroring and coloring effects. Flash CS3, Flash CS4 and above / ActionScript 3.0 version. KEY FEATURES: * XML configuration file easy to setup * Dynamic image mirr
Download PowerFull XML Template PowerFull XML Template
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $20.00  488KB  Unknown
This template doesn`t require Flash (AT ALL) *** The template comes with 9 modules, plus the main module (module = predefined movie) *** Add/ Remove modules (main pages/buttons) via XML *** Manage content of modules via XML *** Reuse teh same modul
Download Ashtray Clock Ashtray Clock
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $3.00  488KB  No Install Support
Cool ashtray clock! Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; Viewable with: Flash Player 6 and above; AS Version: Action Script 2.0.
Download Korean Media Player Korean Media Player
 Version 3.0.1   Freeware  11.20MB  Install and Uninstall
MPLAYER is a korean movie and audio player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats. It has full VCD/DVD playback functionality.

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