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laura hennings
 Version 1   Shareware, $39.00  12KB  Install Only
Laura Hennings is the author of Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets . An easy to follow guide on how to get rid of ovarian cyst naturally within weeks. 1000 s worldwide have benefited from Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets Book
Download pornFIDO pornFIDO
 Version 17.11   Shareware, $34.95  2.84MB  Install and Uninstall
Block porn, install an internet protection filter. Ensure you have parental control. Block Facebook and inappropriate websites. Ensure the safety of your kids and computer.
Illustrated Lip Makeover
 Version 1.0   Freeware  663KB  No Install Support
Applying lipstick with moisturizers and sun protection is one effective way to protect the lips from weather changes. Moisturizing lipsticks have the smallest amount of pigment, because pigment dries your lips.
 Version 1.41b   Freeware  547KB  Install and Uninstall
Gain better focus, less distractions, more productivity and a better quality experience with AddTabz by Gentech Pharmaceutical. An adderall alternative and replacement for people looking to work better and achieve higher performance in their days.
Download Blue Light Filter for Eye Care Blue Light Filter for Eye Care
 Version 3.0   Freeware  1.53MB  No Install Support
Blue Light Filter for Eye Care is an easy-to-use app to protect your eyes while using Android devices, this app adjusts your screen color to filter the harmful blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.
Spa Tips
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $7.99  610KB  No Install Support
A Spa day at home is so easy to do! Try to fit in few extra minutes to your every day for time to care for yourself and you’ll see how easily these recommendations will bliss out your day. Here are some quick tips for making your own spa day at home
Download MB Ayurvedic Body Type MB Ayurvedic Body Type
 Version 1.0   Freeware  726KB  Install and Uninstall
MB Ayurvedic Body Type aims to give its users an insight into the Ayurvedic way of living. This software first recognizes the body type (dosha) of each person and gives you the problems and remedies related to each body type.
Download MB Body Astrology MB Body Astrology
 Version 1.0   Freeware  1.49MB  Install and Uninstall
MB Body Astrology Software is based on the astrology principles that give an insight into the physical as well as health conditions of the individuals. This unique body astrology software considers your astrological attributes such as your sun sign.
Download Amblyopia ABC Amblyopia ABC
 Version 2013.8   Shareware, $49.00  60.00MB  Install and Uninstall
AmblyopiaABC is a treatment software for 3-12 years-old children with lazy eye. It is Tenglnet companies and the amblyopia Institute of Cruz University jointing development.
Aromatherapy Massage
 Version 1.0   Shareware, $5.95  609KB  No Install Support
Massage is perhaps the most popular way to use essential oils. It combines the healing art of aromatherapy with the healing art of touch.

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