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Download Patricks Lucky Hat Wallpaper Patricks Lucky Hat Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  2.16MB  Install and Uninstall
Celebrate Patricks Day with this free animated lucky hat wallpaper. With rainbow going across and an avalanche of green going across the screen this wallpaper will surely capture the mood for St. Patricks Day.
Download Bounties Of Thanksgiving Wallpaper Bounties Of Thanksgiving Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  1.89MB  Install and Uninstall
Dazzle your screen with this bright wallpaper. The fresh colors will rev up the essence of the season with every look you take. Download this free animated wallpaper to spice up your Thanksgiving day.
Download Blessings Of Jesus Easter Wallpaper Blessings Of Jesus Easter Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  1.92MB  Install and Uninstall
A video of small chickens looks really cute on your screen. Download now to get the blessings of Jesus right on your desktop with this free wallpaper on Easter.
Download ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper
 Version 2005   Freeware  1.96MB  Install Only
The ALTools Christmas Desktop Wallpaper for 2005 features Santa and Rudolph taking a well deserved break after a hard night of delivering presents. Join Santa and Rudolph for a magical cup of hot chocolate this Christmas and keep the spirit alive.
Download Autumn Leaf Thanksgiving Wallpaper Autumn Leaf Thanksgiving Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  2.17MB  Install and Uninstall
A simple wallpaper for the season. The symbol of Autumn, the red leaf is lying in a stream with water flowing over it. Install to bring the colors of Thanksgiving right there on your desktop.
Download Animated Time To Thank Wallpaper Animated Time To Thank Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  2.82MB  Install and Uninstall
Beautiful expressions for Thanksgiving written in a frame with artistic designs and the video of a field dancing with joy in the background. Install to truly get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season.
Download WallpaperWarp WallpaperWarp
 Version 1.00   Shareware, $15.00  1.92MB  Install and Uninstall
WallpaperWarp 1.0 is a desktop wallpaper changer for Windows based operating systems. WW allows you to select a folder of of images that you would like to be displayed as wallpaper and schedule them to change at predefined intervals.
Download Patricks Wallpaper Lucky Pattys Day Patricks Wallpaper Lucky Pattys Day
 Version 1.0   Freeware  2.27MB  Install and Uninstall
A marvel of design for St. Paddys Day. Get ready to download this free animated Lucky Pattys Day wallpaper to enjoy the moving images of the beer barrel, the Leprechaun, the clover leaves and all the gold, you always wished for.
Download Patricks Wallpaper St.Paddys Day Patricks Wallpaper St.Paddys Day
 Version 1.0   Freeware  1.98MB  Install and Uninstall
The world is turning green. The color of the sky, the clouds and the clover leaves are evidences. Download free animated St Paddys Day wallpaper for the spirit of St.Paddys Day descend on your desktop and capture your mood.
Download Animated Easter Chicks Wallpaper Animated Easter Chicks Wallpaper
 Version 1.0   Freeware  2.16MB  Install and Uninstall
You have the choice to click any of the five paintings of the chicken on this free wallpaper. With a blue sky and clouds traveling softly, this is a real beauty to have on your desktop. Download now to celebrate a happy and pleasant Easter.

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