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Download Notepair music game Notepair music game
 Version 01   Freeware  18KB  No Install Support
This game based on a well known memory game where cards are momentarily turned over when you click on them. In this particular incarnation of the game, musical notes are produced when you click on each card. The user has to be able to discern when tw
Download Piano music machine Piano music machine
 Version 01   Freeware  30KB  No Install Support
Online piano machine Do you want to have new musical skills, lots fun and increased musical performance easily, quickly and completely for free? Make learning music a cool funny occupation with our free-to-download flash music games. For example, th
Download Beat music music02 Beat music music02
 Version 01   Freeware  25KB  No Install Support
Note teacher - online music game This Note Teacher is a marvelous online music game which will help you to develop pitch recognition. It may sound shocking, but even if you listen to musical tones constantly, you may be unable to recognize tones and
Download Guitar music machine Guitar music machine
 Version 01   Freeware  69KB  No Install Support
Guitar machine. Play guitar online game This wonderful and interesting game won't teach you how to play a guitar, but it'll quickly and effectively teach you how to recognize and read guitar tab chords. This is a unique music guitar online game. Get
Download Note shooter music ear game Note shooter music ear game
 Version 01   Freeware  73KB  No Install Support
Music note shooter. Some people think to read music is hard and difficult. The following game will introduce the most important topics in reading music in a very easy to understand way. As with anything new, it'll appear complicated and complex but a
Download Drag music fun game Drag music fun game
 Version 01   Freeware  28KB  No Install Support
Online music game. The puzzles are melodies broken into four phrases. The participant will learn to recognize (by ear) the ordering of these phrases. Rhythm, melodic intervals and harmonic progressions are learned since the phrases are differentiated
Download Music type game Music type game
 Version 01   Freeware  25KB  No Install Support
Online piano game (online ear training) This very good online piano game has got simple rules. You press the Play button and listen to the sound. Your task is to recognize the pitch played. As soon as you've done this, press the button corresponding
Download iBackuper iBackuper
 Version 3.3.8   Shareware, $9.99  13.62MB  Install and Uninstall
Backup your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Backing up, restoring and managing media files on your iDevice is now just as easy as using it, thanks to iBackuper. Reclaim full control of your favorite media gadget.
Download Spy Software Downloads Spy Software Downloads
 Version   Shareware, $45.00  3.43MB  Install and Uninstall
Easy to operate Spy Software Downloads from that executes in background and silently monitors each activity of user that performed on computer system behind your back without any specific hardware software requirements.
Download 3D Aqua Fish Screensaver 3D Aqua Fish Screensaver
 Version 11.1   Shareware, $5.99  359KB  Install and Uninstall
Aqua 3D Screensaver fill your desktop with water and let the tropical fishes swim around. It includes photorealistic 3D graphics, underwater ripple & lighting effects, 4 types of fishes with skeletal animation and stereo sounds

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